Untitled but thought was produced during a performance organized by the Itsliquid Group at Palazzo Cà Zanardi, Venice, on September 14th. This living object aims to connect a multitude of people who would otherwise never meet. While creating these connections amongst human beings, this artwork is moved by the trading of its individual components. In this way mutating the concept of trading into an artistic medium.

The audience is welcomed into a room where every wall has the name of an element written on it ( fire, air, water, and earth). Above the writing, there are four tables with pieces paper and pens. By the table, there are four hydraulic presses and four boxes. The public is invited to write a thought or a sentence regarding the elements and stick their thoughts into the containers. Once all the boxes are filled, four volunteers are instructed to use the presses to create four bricks from the four containers. One of the four paper-bricks is donated to a member of the audience and the remaining three form the sculpture Untitled II. The sculpture must be displayed along its legal agreement that states that the sculpture’s owner has to acquire the missing brick and sell one of the sculpture’s three bricks at his will every year, constantly changing the sculpture’s form.

To acquire or sell a brick, the sculpture’s owner or the brick’s acquirer must write an essay regarding the artwork that will also constitute part of the work of art’s biography. Specifically, when the sculpture’s owner needs to acquire the missing brick, he or she must write an essay regarding the sculpture and give it to the brick-seller as a form of payment. On the other hand, when the sculpture’s owner needs to sell a brick, he or she must write an essay and give it to the brick-buyer.

All the legal, and photographic material, as well as the essays, are considered as an integral part of the work.